Dr. Jung was excellent and staff is extremely professional. I had gone in w/o an appointment and Dr. took the time to see me and figured out the problem immediately. I’ve always been grateful to have Garret as my hearing aid choice. Anne
Anne McCarthy, on Google
Saw Rachel today for a cleaning. Very friendly and professional. She serviced my hearing aids and, after checking with an instrument, informed me that it’s time to clean the wax out of my ears! Wonderful.
Preben Ebbesen, on Google
Jung Moon helps me to problem-solve every issue I've had with my hearing aids and with my insurance. He knew when my insurance would support me getting my second pair of hearing aids that are less expensive but more updated and modern than my first pair. He used the video support when we needed to complete some micro adjustments that have really helped. The office is very clean and everyone is very conscious about germ spreading which makes me feel very safe visiting under the pandemic scenario. I recommend my family members to use this hearing aid center even though they live far away because of the ease of scheduling appointments and the high-quality service they provide. I couldn't recommend them any higher.
Erin Davenport, on Google
Very nice staff visit was fast n very efficient the gentleman answered all my questions even if I asked them more then once
Yvonne Miramontes, on Google
Jung Moon has been well above what one would call an excellent help in my case. He has not only helped me at the time of my visit; he actually realized he needed to talk louder than normal for me to hear so he ran a second set of test and adjusted my aids which literally changed my life. He remained in contact when I needed him via email and has taken the time to advice and help me get my hearing aids to work at their best. He is courteous, cordial, thorough and very accessible. He truly cares and does not seem to do it "for the money": he appears to be very proud of what he does and that shows. Above excellent in all respects. Thank you always, Jung!
Daniel N Pistone, on Google

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