Doctor visits...even if they are to my benefit and involve no needles...always make me jittery as a hamster in a cat lady's house. But from the moment I walked into Garrett Hearing Aid Center I started to relax. The waiting room was bright and attractive, but that alone wouldn't have soothed me. My first sight was the receptionist explaining something to an elderly client...they were both laughing, and the girl at the desk was making sure the patient understood her with gestures or by repeating her words in a different manner...patiently and without the veiled annoyance my husband often displays when I don't understand him. Granted she is a trained professional and he is not, but the sight unclenched a knot in my stomach I hadn't realized was there. The visit only got better when I met Dr. Moon. He was very professional without being distant; friendly and comfortable to talk to. After a quick hearing test, he laid out a selection of hearing aids, and we discussed not only insurance and price but the possibility of financing the out of pocket cost of the brand he recommended. Left to my own devices I would have chosen the cheaper model but he took time to explain the drawbacks of that choice. He honestly seemed concerned that I get not only the best deal but the best equipment I could possibly afford. And so I went with his choice, realizing that if I avoided Amazon for the rest of the year I could purchase something that might very well change my life. Finally, heading for home my husband asked about the hearing aids and (old lady here) I couldn't remember anything but the price. Dr. Moon had given me his card so without much hope I emailed him...I had been the last appointment on a Friday and I was sure I wouldn't hear back till Monday. But in 20 minutes I had my answer.😀 I was so impressed!!! If I could give this clinic 20 stars I would do so. I went to the Merced branch, but they also have a clinic in Los Banos. If you need hearing aids and want caring, competent people to assist you, this is the place.
Kat Devlin, on Google
Dr. Jung was excellent and staff is extremely professional. I had gone in w/o an appointment and Dr. took the time to see me and figured out the problem immediately. I’ve always been grateful to have Garret as my hearing aid choice. Anne
Anne McCarthy, on Google
Saw Rachel today for a cleaning. Very friendly and professional. She serviced my hearing aids and, after checking with an instrument, informed me that it’s time to clean the wax out of my ears! Wonderful.
Preben Ebbesen, on Google
Very nice staff visit was fast n very efficient the gentleman answered all my questions even if I asked them more then once
Yvonne Miramontes, on Google
Always friendly and efficient staff, quality equipment and people that are always there when you need them! Excellent customer service!
Greg Gurr, on Google

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